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June 18, 2010

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Congratulations to Janet, who won the Shapely Lace Washable Nursing Pads by random drawing. In her comments, Jane mentioned that she thought her man would like the “Good Daddies Are Hot” Tee by Preggers n’Proud the best. It is 10% off all month!

All Shapely Lace Washable Nursing Pads will be 10% off this week (until Thursday night)!


Congratulations to all nine winning dads:

Rick, Jordan, Samuel, Jesse, Joe, A.J., Aaron, Steve, and Michael!

You can watch our video contest right here, and check our Facebook fan page to view the individualFotobabble entries!


Baby Sleeps Safe Sleep Panel and Sleep Pouch-Baby Sleeps Safe, Sleep Panel, Sleep Pouch, sids

Baby Sleeps Safe Sleep Panel and Sleep Pouch

Retail Value: $29.99

Baby Sleeps Safe is a Sleep Panel and Sleep Pouch that works together to keep babies sleeping on their backs. And there’s no need for a blanket thanks to the cozy Sleep Pouch. Baby Sleeps Safe is designed for use in the first year of life, because SIDS is most likely to occur during that time.

Baby Sleeps Safe helps parents follow two of the strongest safety measures that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends to guard against SIDS:

  1. Babies should always sleep on their backs.
  2. No loose blankets, sheets or other objects should be in the crib.

How do you win?

Leave a comment here to tell us why you see the value of the Baby Sleeps Safe Sleep Panel and Sleep Pouch.

You have until Tuesday evening, June 22nd to enter.

Good luck!

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