Creative cakes shared by you!

June 24, 2010

When Mom 4 Life, Trisha saw my French Fry Cupcakes she emailed me some of the fun creations she has made for her kids (she has six with one more on the way:)!!  I thought they were so fun and way too cute not to share with you too:

I loved your blog post about your son’s unbirthday and thought you might like to see a cake I made for one of my kids a couple years back.  It’s a hot dog with fries cake.  It was super easy.  A pound cake for the bun.  The cut out portion was turned into fries.  Frosted Twinkies were the hot dogs and chopped up gum drops were used for relish and onions.

12-30-07 Matthew's Hot Dog Cake

You sound a lot like me in the birthday cake department.  I have 6 (going on 7) kids and try not to have any duplicate birthday cakes… at least in their early years.  I’ll attach a couple other easy cakes we’ve done in the past in case you too are on the look-out for future ideas.  This Lady bug cake uses Junior Mints for spots:


This Pizza cake uses a cookie for the crust and assorted candies for toppings:


Carousel cake (my hubby took over that one, but it was pretty simple too):


I am by no means an artist, baker, or cake/pastry chef… I just try to look for simple looking ideas that look cute or fancy when they are finished.

For this one I used two round cakes, mini-oreos for the infield, green sprinkles, a couple of Hot Wheels and some frosting.  My son loved it and it didn’t take hardly any time to make.


I also came across the hamburger cake and sugar cookie fry cake my husband and I collaborated on.  My son was too young to appreciate it, but his older brothers and sisters loved it.


Lastly, a purse cake!

10-2006 Olivia's 3rd B-day PURSE Cake

God Bless,

Also, Mom 4 Life, Rene shared on our facebook fan page that she just made these butternut squash muffins and substituted whole wheat flour and reported a yummy result.  The reviews online are really positive, I can’t wait to try them!

Mom 4 Life. Now that Ashley owns Mom 4 Life, I am focusing my energies in homeschooling and asking God to use me in other areas.

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