Cesarean Recovery

July 07, 2010

Thank you to Catherine Brooks for this guest post (she will be writing a 5 part series – one blog post per month) on a topic that has or will affect many moms: cesarean recovery.

Ok, the baby is out. You are in love…and you had surgery. Any other time, a 7cm opening and abdominal surgery to remove a 7lb object would be its own event. But we don’t consider ourselves as having surgery, we had a baby. Maybe you expected a c-section and maybe you didn’t. Either way, arm yourself with some information to recover in an empowered and educated way.

Healing is a biologic process that happens no matter what we do, but we can help it along. We put bandages on our kid’s cuts and ice on their bumps.  Dad’s ankle sprain gets a wrap and our BFF gets a compression garment after her tummy-tuck. Scarring, swelling, tenderness and surgical recovery, however, are a reality for 1.3 million C-section moms annually. All while, taking care of a newborn. C-Panty’s

You’re taking great care of your baby…don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Catherine Brooks, OTR, MPH. C-Panty CEO: 18 years of experience in post-surgical rehabilitation in New York City and San Diego and five even more challenging and exciting years of experience as a mom of a three. (All by cesarean, of course!)

“Recover in Comfort” series will address all those things you ever ( or never!) ever wanted to know about c-section delivery.

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