Airplanes and Potty Talk

July 07, 2010

We just returned home from a trip to Minnesota to visit my in-laws.  Aside from the actual vacation in which we were spoiled beyond belief (when you don’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning and get to sleep in, THAT is being spoiled mommy style, am I right?  No need to answer, I can see your head nodding from here), the DIRECT FLIGHT from Idaho to Minnesota felt like a mini traveling vacation in itself.  We haven’t flown as a family in years.  As we calculated that each hour on the plane was saving about 8 hours in the car, we felt really good about the three hours invented in the air.

As I mentioned, it has been a few years since we have flown with the kids and my have they matured since then.  It was fantastic to watch them each take charge of their own little carry-on backpacks and get ready for the X-Ray machines on their own.


Ashlyn decided she was SUCH a big girl that she should also be in charge of one of our smaller rolling carry-on bags.  Later after her backpack went through the scanner and was pulled aside by one of the TSA personal it was returned to us.  The reason it was pulled aside?  They wanted to check out the two large rocks that were inside!  Rocks?!  I then remembered that Ashlyn had been so excited to wear her backpack that she wore it around the house and outside to play before we left for the airport.  I guess she discovered a few great rocks that she couldn’t leave home without!


Hunter and Ashlyn were uber-excited about the flight and upon takeoff could not contain their excitement as they let out shrieks of joy and giggles of delight.  I was delighting in the fact that I had the empty row opposite my husband and the two older kids which allowed Quinten room to “roam” back and forth over my lap.

Later on the plane the fatigue of being so big (and toting around large rocks her her backpack) finally caught up with Ashlyn and she feel asleep.

Meanwhile, the flight attendants were busy offering drinks and snacks to those around us.  The lady seated in the row behind our kids asked the flight attendant for help.  Something was leaking onto her feet and purse and she couldn’t figure out what it was or where it was coming from.  After searching the seat, and the bags we had brought with us, they were unable to discover the source of the leaking liquid. Consequently, the lady opted to move back one row, since the flight was not full.

Some time later Ashlyn woke up from her nap rested but visibly upset. Upon inquiring further, she informed Trent that she was all wet.  She had a rather wet potty “accident” during her nap.  It wasn’t until this moment that Trent realized the exact nature of the “liquid” that had previously been leaking onto the feet and purse of the lady behind him!

He waited until we had exited the plane, retrieved our luggage and were in the van with our in-laws before sharing the story with us (I had been blissfully unaware of the entire situation)!  Needless to say, we had a very good laugh at that poor woman’s expense!

Today on our return trip we were extra sure to encourage frequent potty trips to the bathroom and Quinten was extra sure to keep us busy until he crashed in Trent’s arms for a lovely heaven sent nap.

Upon returning home today I unpacked Ashlyn’s backpack to discover that the rocks were still there (boy was that is a relief LOL), I took a photo of them next to my business card (strictly for scale purposes of course).  They may not actually look that big but they are heavy (made out of Basalt–for any rock-geeks that might be reading).


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