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July 29, 2010

Blog posts have been a little sparse lately (perhaps you noticed).  The reason is that we have been waiting on baited breath for the new blog transfer which just happened (ta-da!).  The update is now complete and we are very excited for you to tell us what you think.  You will notice that the music player is not yet installed–you can look for that to be added soon (it will be in the lower right hand area of the blog under the FeedBurner link).  The default setting will have the music off, so if you want to listen while you read, simply click play:).  I also noticed that some images from some blog posts did not properly transfer so we will be working on getting those fixed.  If you find a blog post that has missing photos, please feel free to leave a comment on that post and that will help us find all the posts that need updated faster!  Some new features of this new blog that you may enjoy:

  • A search bar: the search bar at the top of the blog will allow you to locate past blog posts more easily.  Want to find the craft post using a Scrabble board? (which by the way, I see is one of the blog posts that needs updated images)  Search for “scrabble”!
  • Tweet it: if you use Twitter, you can share your favorite content with one simple click at the top right of each blog post!
  • Share it: at the bottom of each blog post you will find a link that says, “Share Your Thoughts!” clicking on this link will bring you directly to the comments area.  From here you can leave a comment or chose to share the content of the blog post via facebook, twitter, email or a variety of other ways with just one click–knock yourself out!
  • Subscribe to comments: if you leave a comment and want to be notified of follow up responses, simply check the box!
  • Visit mom4life.com: Looking to visit our website?  Simply click on the image in the upper right hand corner to be taken directly to Mom 4 Life.
  • New categories: The categories (and sub-categories) have been reorganized to make it easier to find past content that interests you.
  • Sawyer’s Story: Many have asked me to group posts related to my journey losing our son Sawyer together for easy reference.  I have done that in this new category.  I am still in the process of getting all the posts correctly filed here, but it should be done soon.
  • At a glance: if you are away from the blog for a while and want to quickly see what posts are new or want to see which posts have been most popular simply scroll under the blog topics and check out that info in box–easy peasy!  I will soon also add a tab titled “Heather’s Favorites” where I will link to my favorite posts.
  • Subscribe: many of you already subscribe to our blog post via email but if you don’t and want to, you can do so by adding your email to the box on the lower right side of the page.

Phew, that makes me tired just looking at that list:)!

ALERT: I have been working hard each night on my manuscript.  This is when I would normally write blog posts so if you don’t hear from me quite as often in the next few weeks, please don’t worry that I got stranded somewhere in my mini-van or am buried in a pile of Cheerios.  I am here burning the midnight oil like a young college student pretending that I don’t really need that much sleep and will be anxious to blog more in the near future when my manuscript is finalized!

So tell me, what do you think of the new blog?  What do you like best? Any changes you would like to see?

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