This is me: 14 quirky facts

August 02, 2010

Inspired by the transparency of my friend, Kira, I am offering my own version of  her “Fess-up Friday” post.

  • I sat for at least five minutes trying to think of a clever name for this post (since it isn’t Friday I couldn’t steal Kira’s) in the end “This is me” is the very best I could come up with.
  • I love saying good night to my kids, but only once, after that I can be known to get really cranky. If they call out needing me and Trent is around I might pretend I didn’t hear them and hope that he will.  Now that I have admitted that, because he reads my blog, I won’t get away with it anymore.
  • If I recently changed Quinten’s diaper and it is only a little “squishy,” I may ignore the fact that I just checked and wait until it gets a little fuller.
  • If Hunter has ___ minutes of Wii time left, I have been known to secretly stretch his time out so I can finish my ______ project.
  • We use a brand of kid’s shampoo and body wash that is a little more pricey.  I was really impressed at how long it was lasting.  Then I realized, I am not very good and making sure my kids have frequent baths and the reason it was lasting so long is because we are not using it very often.
  • I am known for reminding my kids to “stop wasting water” as they wash their hands or brush their teeth.  I will go so far as to water the plants with the left over water from our drinking glasses. but I take really long showers so I guess in the end I am hoping it all evens out.
  • I am a clean freak, Trent is constantly asking me what happened to the _____ that he just got out of the fridge only to find that I already put it away.
  • Despite the before mentioned trait, I am not very good at cleaning out my fridge.  I will stare at the same container of leftovers for days knowing that it is too old to eat, but refusing to take the time to throw it away.  If we have a babysitter, I sometimes have to clarify which food is “safe” to feed the kids for dinner before we leave.
  • I never sent out announcements for Quinten’s birth.  I figured if someone didn’t know we had a baby, they would be just fine without a photo and the details of his weight and length.
  • I have a hard time doing nothing.  While I talk on the phone I fold laundry.  When I clean or bake I listen to a book on tape, while I brush my teeth I do leg lifts, while I play hide-and-go-seek with the kids I pick up toys.
  • If I ever get an email forward that ends by saying, “if you really love Jesus you will forward this to 10 friends in the next 10 minutes” I delete them as fast as possible. Last I checked, Jesus wasn’t asking me to prove my love to Him by sending email forwards to friends.
  • When I see the little facebook “like” symbol on a webpage that says, “be the first among your friends to like this page,” I automatically ignore it.  I have nothing to prove to my facebook friends and coercion is not going to work with me.
  • After I wrote this post I figured out how easy it is to add the Facebook “like” button to my blog posts and laughed out loud because I wanted to add it in order to make it easy for you to share the content that you like with your facebook friends.  So THAT seems very illogical to me *sigh* oh well.  Let me just say, please only “like” my posts if you really, truly DO like them and not because you feel. . . what is that word again?  Oh yes, coerced.
  • I just spent five minutes trying to figure out how to spell the word “coercion.”  My search ended when I was able to speak the word into the “google app” on my phone–although it took three times saying it nice and slow.

Your turn!  Maybe you want to click on the “Share your thoughts” link and share a tid-bit about you to make us all feel better about ourselves (and then of course “like” the post so your friends can read and share theirs ;) ).

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