Personality Plus

August 02, 2010

I see a trend between Hunter (shown below at 16 months):

and Quinten (shown at 12 months):

It is called PERSONALITY and I LUV it!
(Isn’t it adorable how both of their eyes disappear when they smile?)

A snapshot of Quinten, now 13 months old:

  • He does this little thing where he shakes his head back and forth quickly and he loves it if you copy him and do it back.
  • He is in love with fans, chimes, lights, anything that is up high.  It is even better if he can get me to try to lift him up to touch it.  Bonus points for him if he can start to climb my chest to reach it and bonus points for me if I don’t drop him in the process.
  • He is getting really fast at climbing up the stairs in the house.  Thankfully, so far, he we haven’t discovered how fast he can fall down them.
  • He signs “all done”, “more”, “fish” and “dog”.
  • He says “uh-oh” and “ma-ma” although I am still not convinced he always knows when to use “ma-ma” appropriately.
  • He loves to push things around the house, especially trucks and cars.

We have decided we are going to keep him.

What are your cutie-pies doing currently that you love?

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