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August 05, 2010

“Tonight is the last night you will ever be six again!  I am so glad you are in our family and so thankful that God chose me to be your mommy! “  These are the words I said to Hunter last night before I kissed him good night.

In true Hunter fashion he drafted a “to-do” list for his Birthday before going to bed.  You can see it hanging on the wall above his twin bed.

On his list:
-Get Dressed
-Have Breakfast
-Walk Wesson (our dog)
-Play Games
-Watch Mom Play Wii (this will be my first time playing his Super Mario Galexy Game–ever.  I agreed to do it as a birthday treat;). He is pretty excited about it)
-Go To A Movie
-Enjoy A “Honest Kids” Drink (this is a special “sometimes drink”)
-Go To Chuck E. Cheese For Fun and Food
-Have Dinner
-Get Ready For Bed
-Play The Goodnight Game
-Go To Sleep

I have the “celebration plates” out and ready for the “Monkey Bread”.  Monkey Bread is his special breakfast request which is made of mostly sugar, butter and white flour mixed together with more sugar, cinnamon and butter–a true breakfast of champions!  I figure why not start out the day on a sugar high?

The red (his favorite color this year–last year was blue) streamers are hanging from the ceiling and the “Birthday Banner” is hung on his door.

Things that have characterized Hunter this year:

  • Doing things in the “right order” is paramount and trumps all else.  If “the order” requires that he has to wait indefinitely for the next chronological book in his Magic Tree House series from the library rather than reading the ones that are currently in, so be it!
  • Closely related to this is his ability to be patient.  He will wait as long as necessary to do something if it will mean that he can continue to do things in order.
  • He has shown great compassion for others.  When our cats recently died (a future blog story perhaps) he was the one to cry inconsolably.  When a friend wanted to play with just him and not the sisters, Hunter stood his ground and said, “the girls get to play with us or I don’t play.”
  • He continues to be an amazing reader.  In Kindergarten this year his assessment put him at a 2.5 grade reading level.  He can read a Magic Tree House chapter book in 30-60 minutes.  His grandmother commented that she can’t hardly keep up when she tries to read over his shoulder as he reads to himself.  Below is a photo taken right after we got home from the library.  He grabbed a blanket and headed out to enjoy his new books.
  • He recently lost his two front teeth.

  • He has a great imagination.  Although he would prefer to play Super Mario on his Wii, his time each week using electronics are limited.  Therefore, he will often choose to “practice” his game mentally on the lawn outside.  We watch as he acts out each level and practices defeating the nemesis at the end of each level.
  • He loves to make lists.  Examples of lists he has made: things to do for the day, things he wants to do at future parties, things he wants to do when friends come over, levels he has defeated on his Wii games. . . Below is a photo showing a visit from Grandma and a list he made of all the things he wanted to do with her while she was over.
  • He loves to walk on the rocks that create a boarder around our house.
  • He loves to wrestle with his dad and engage in creative play involving imaginary characters.
  • He plays well with Ashlyn and includes her willingly.
  • He gives Quinten a lot of gentle love.
  • He still crawls into bed to snuggle with me in the morning.

His prayer before going to bed went like this, “Dear God, Thank you for this beautiful day.  Thank you for the beautiful world that you created.  I know it isn’t perfect but heaven will be.  Thank you for my days of being 6.  Please help my heart to know you more.  Amen”

I sure love his kid.

Happy Birthday Hunter.

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