This is me: 6 more quirky facts

August 17, 2010

As a follow up to my previous post, I am back to share more of my dirty laundry (more on that below).

  • I have a little pet peeve about facebook status updates that are so cryptic, you can’t understand them unless you ask for more details.  Such as, “Finally, it is finished!” or “These kind of things make me SO mad!”.  Can’t they just give the info all up front?  Why do people make you ASK them for more details about something that they seemed to want to share to begin with?!
  • Since my last “quirky facts” post I have cleaned out my fridge AND wiped down the shelves!
  • When doing laundry, I put off washing the whites as long as possible.  It is without fail the most time consuming load to fold (blame it on the socks).  To try to balance this, I avoid wearing socks but it doesn’t seem to help.
  • Emptying the trash is one of my least favorite things to do.  I will shove the trash down farther in the bag and keep stuffing it and stuffing it silently hoping my husband will notice how full it is and feel compelled to take it out.  This wish is granted often enough to keep my hopes up and my trash compacting hands shoving down.
  • The only thing  that tops my distaste for emptying the trash is emptying the dishwasher.  You would think that handling clean dishes would be more appealing than filling it with dirty ones but nope, I don’t like it one bit.  When my husband surprises me with an empty dishwasher I get a little giddy inside.
  • I recently thought about buying a sports bra.  I realized that I haven’t owned one since collage and then realized that I have been out of collage for 10 years (how did that happen!)  So anyway, I guess my lack of exercise undergarments might clue you in on how often I exercise. . .

Your turn!  Click on the “Share your thoughts” link below and share a tid-bit about you to make us all feel better about ourselves, just don’t be cryptic;)!

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