A month in review: courtesy of Cozi

August 29, 2010

Three months ago I started using a website called Cozi to organize my calendar (and my life).  I LOVE IT!!!!  If you don’t have a calender system that you love, you are in for a treat.  Do you have an active family with mulitiple schedules?  This just may be a dream come true for you.  Each family member is given their own color dot allowing you to signifiy which events affect which people and easily recognize in a glance who needs to be where.  Don’t want your husband to forget your Parent Teacher meeting?  No problem!  Simply set up an auto text reminder for his phone ( ___ minutes) before the meeting.

Not only is Cozi super intuitive and easy to use but it has some really great extra features too.  One that I have started using lately is the “journal”.  This is a great way to add a photo and a quick snipt about your day–think of it as an online diary.  I use it for stuff that isn’t “big” enough to blog about, but that I don’t want to forget.  The bonus is that you can set it up to automatically email all your journal updates to friends and family on a monthy basis (think grandparents).  Or if you have someone that you want to keep updated that doesn’t have computer access (think great-grandparents) you can print your journal and pop it in the mail to them! I am also able to access my Cozi account though my phone so updating and checking my calendar (or journal) is effortless.  You can also sync your journal entries to your facebook page so that all updates are automatically shared on your profile page.

Want to get a feel for the journal? Here is a peek at our August journal entries.

Perhaps you are like me and are a visual learner.  You are in luck because I found out about Cozi though Carley over at  Mothercraft Coaching.  She has her pulse on all things helpful for moms who want to keep their lives organized and sends out a weekly newsletter with one simple actionable idea.  I (heart) Carley and have started using almost EVERYTHING that she has suggested–seriously it is just sort of ridiculous.  Whenever I start telling Trent about something new I am using he asks, “Did you find out about this though that lady again?” and I say “Of course I did!”

Oh dear I almost totally forgot my focus there.  What I wanted to say was that  Carley created a Cozi video tutorial that will quickly and easily give you the tour of Cozi and help you see how super cool it is.  And when you start using it, don’t say I didn’t tell you so (oh and the best part, Cozi is free)!

Just in time for back to school–go get organized!

Please share: What method of calender organization works best for you?  Do you have one?

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