Join the Hunt – and win up to $150!!

September 09, 2010

A hunting we will go! Back by popular demand–another Mom 4 Life hunt!

This time it’s up to YOU how long the fun lasts. It’s up to YOU the grand prize amount!

How Does It Work?

-Check Mom 4 Life’s Facebook page each day to get your new daily clue (please note: you do NOT need a facebook account to view the daily clue or to participate).
-Search the Mom 4 Life website using the clue and find the hidden icon (image below). When you find the icon, click on it.  The link will take you to an entry form.
-Fill out the brief form to be entered to win a Mom 4 Life gift certificate.

Each day that we get 75 entries or more, we will up the grand prize amount by $5, and continue the contest another day. Once the pot reaches $150 the prize will be awarded, OR if we get a day with less than 75 entries, the contest will end there, and the prize amount for that day will be awarded. We will keep a tally on Facebook letting you know where the prize amount is each day. There is no need to have a facebook account to participate, though we do encourage you and your friends to “like” us if you haven’t already.

Here is what you are looking for:

Check our contest page for more details and FAQ’s!

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