Sun Dried Tomatoes and MacBooks

October 10, 2010

The sun around here in North Idaho has been pretty absent as of late.  So my efforts to make sun dried tomatoes for the first time were of the more conventional kind (using my food dehydrator).   I started by doing a google search and used this online tutorial to guide me.  Then I decided to try stepping it up a notch and created a video of the process using my new MacBook Pro (a surprise birthday present from my husband).

I hope you enjoy my first “video tutorial” (or at least looking for Hunter as he sneaks in behind me — look for him under my armpits:) ).  If you don’t have time to watch the fun unfold here are the highlights:

-Cut them

-Dry them

-Eat them

see, really there isn’t much to it;)!

Now back to what I was saying about my birthday present–turns out that I have been living in the stone age with my PC.  I am having so much fun exploring all the great features of my Apple computer.

Important features like the “Photo Booth”

Anyone else out there enjoying an Apple (or if not, have any of you made sun dried tomatoes?)

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