Pumpkin scones

October 27, 2010

Yesterday I shared how to make your own pumpkin puree.  Today I double dog dare you not to drool on your keyboard when you see the first pumpkin recipe I want to share!

Trust me, this one is a keeper.  All 7 of my testers (4 adults and 3 kids) gave them two thumbs up (sticky thumbs might I add).

Click here for the recipe for these pumpkin scones.

And a big thanks to my friend Kira for tipping me off to these beauties by giving me not one but TWO of these bad boys when I stopped by for a visit.  Click on over to her blog if you want to see her post about making these scones (and also learn about making your own crackers–yes you read that correctly, crackers!)

Did this get your taste buds watering?  Stay tuned for some pumpkin cookies that are MUCH more healthy tomorrow!  Think ingredients like flaxseed, white bean puree and molasses but don’t get too scared because again, all who tried them (including 5 kids aged 14 months – 7 years old) really liked them! Oh and they also have chocolate chips so they can’t be that bad right? ;)

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