Fall Burlap Wreath

November 08, 2010

Prior to this week, I had never owned burlap.  But when my friend Kira suggested that we do a fall wreath project together and showed me this online tutorial I added it to my list of things to buy.  I am sure you can imagine my surprise when that very morning as I dropped off my son at school and visited with a friend in the parking lot, she offered me a full burlap sack that she bought but realized she wasn’t going to need (okay that is just a little too random don’t you think?)  I have a hunch that some of you just might be wanting to add burlap to your list after you see how cute this fall wreath turned out.

You will need:

-A wreath form.  The tutorial suggests using a foam one and I hear you can perhaps get these from the dollar store.  However, I found mine for $0.40 at a thrift store which I thought was a pretty smokin’ deal so I didn’t sweat the fact that it wasn’t foam.

-Burlap.  As mentioned above, I used a sack and the entire sack was used for the wreath.

-Straight pins.  You will use these to help secure the burlap to the wreath form.

-Embroidery thread (to match your burlap) and a embroidery needle.

-Hot glue gun and glue.  You will use this to adhere the burlap to the wreath form.

-Felt (optional).  This can be used to embellish your wreath with felt flowers.

Follow the tutorial on constructing your wreath and then if you wish to add felt flowers to embellish it like I did, follow this tutorial!  At first I made felt flowers that were about 1 inch deep as shown in the tutorial but then I decided they looked too small so I made larger ones instead.  Ashlyn was only too happy to let me make a belt for her out of the now “too small” felt flowers!

I made three felt flowers (from three different felt colors) and used hot glue to hold them together and then held them in place on the wreath with straight pins.  I am now wondering if they are a little big or if I should have doubled up the amount of felt I used because they look sort of wilty.   Yes, I think I will double up the amount of felt sometime in the next week and see if that doesn’t perk them up a bit.

Here is where I have it hanging (just inside my front door).  I decided that if I put it outside I would almost never get to enjoy it but this way I see it all the time:)!

My mind is already thinking ahead and looking forward to making some new wreaths to replace this one as the seasons change!  Kira’s wreath turned out super cute so I will give you the link to check it out as well. However, a word of warning first: she mentions me in the post (a little excessively) and frankly it gave me a big head to read it so please be prepared for that.

P.S. The “back end blog stuff” that I thought was going to happen last week didn’t, so we are trying again this week.  This means no new blog posts until Friday!

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