Mom 4 Life Elves and the Tale of the Endangered BabyLegs

November 09, 2010

Long ago, before there were BabyLegs with patches and puckers and ruffles and bows, the ordering elves at Mom 4 Life went a little crazy. You see, they’ve always loved BabyLegs and wanted to make sure that Mom 4 Life stayed the number one place to buy BabyLegs, with the largest selection ever.

They did a great job. In fact, they may have done too good of a job. They made sure Mom 4 Life was stocked so well, that that the shipping elves began to trip over bins of BabyLegs no matter where they went….and the product addition elves said, “This will not do! There is no more room!”  So the shipping elves, the pricing elves, and the promotion elves all got together and decided that if they marked them all down  and offered half price socks, that maybe even more people would come to Mom 4 Life for their super BabyLegs deals and selection.

…and it worked. In fact, it may have worked a little too well.  Soon beloved BabyLegs styles began to fly off the shelf, and the customer service elf began to get horrified calls from customers who soon realized that their favorite BabyLegs were becoming, in fact, extinct. Now, the customer service elf tried to reassure her customers that every pair of BabyLegs lives on forever on the child who brings life to them, so they are not, in fact, extinct. But customers everywhere should be warned – your ability to bring your favorite pair of  BabyLegs home is indeed ENDANGERED!

Dum! Dum! Dum!

That’s right. Mom 4 Life‘s selection of discontinued BabyLegs, that are often not found anywhere else on the planet, are now also beginning to disappear from Mom 4 Life.

So the question is….which endangered pair do you want to live on forever in the life of a child in your home?

Could it be :



or maybe



You could be the last person on the planet to ever be able to adopt these endangered BabyLegs.

Please consider adopting them now! The Mom 4 Life Elves are standing by to help!

m4l_team_photocopy-1-1.jpg picture by mom4_life

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