Road Trips with Kiddos

November 18, 2010

Gearing up for some holiday driving with your kids? We can make it go a little smoother. Check out some of these great products!

Snacker Catcher by Bebalee Keeps Large Snacks Off The Floor-bebalee, snacker catcher, big snacks, travel, in the car, keep food from falling SippiGrip Sippy Cup Holder by BooginHead-sippigrips, sippi grips, sippi grip sippy cup leash

Make sure all the snacks and drinks don’t end up on the floor with the Bebalee Snacker Catcher and the Boogin’ Head Sippi Grip.  These products are perfect Sippy Cup Holders or Toy Holders.

Kiddie Kangaroo™ Car Seat Accessory-carseat cover, in the car, kiddie kangaroo Kiddie Kangaroo™ Universal Seat Protector with Adjustable Pockets Accessory-kiddie kangaroo, kiddiekangaroo, car seat protector, car seat cover, in the car

Keep toys, books, and snacks close with a Kangaroo Car Seat Accessory.

Make travel more comfortable with a Snuggin’ Go Positioner.

Babysparewear Clear & Simple Travel Kit (various colors)-Babysparewear Clear & Simple Travel Kit, baby, clothes, clothing, outfits

Be prepared for wardrobe emergencies with Babysparewear.

Baby MEDBASICS® Travel Pack What to Do Guide for Emergencies-Baby MEDBASICS, emergency Travel Pack, What to Do Guide for Emergencies

Be prepared for medical emergencies with a BabyMEDBASICS Travel Pack.

Babeebrite Hands Free Mobile Light Source by Mommy Bee Happy-

Have a light handy, when traveling at night with Babeebrite  Hands Free Mobile Light.

Diaper Baggies Odorless Diaper Disposal (pack of 40)-

Be prepared for car sickness and stinky diapers with Diaper Baggies Odorless Diaper Disposal.

Nomie Baby Removable, Waterproof Car Seat Covers for Infant & Toddler Seats-Nomie Baby, Removable Waterproof Car Seat Covers, carseat cover, baby seat, toddler seat

Protect your whole car seat with a Nomie Baby waterproof car seat cover.

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