We are now big-kid diaper free!

December 12, 2010

Just shy of two months ago, the “pee alarm” was passed from Ashlyn to Hunter.  I have been waiting SEVEN weeks to type this post and boy am I thrilled to be doing it now!

Hunter has graduated from the pee alarm!

We are now big-kid diaper free!

To celebrate, Hunter and Ashlyn are enjoying a night together in Hunter’s bunk beds.  My celebration was packing away the sleeping bag and mini camping mattress from the foot of our bed where Hunter has been sleeping for the past several weeks.  You see, after the first month, it occurred to us that it would be easier to wash a small child’s sleeping bag and replace it with another one (we have two) than to strip a bed of sheets or mess with towels each night AND it would be easier to get up and move 10 feet to help him during the night than to go across the house to his room.  All these little tricks of the trade that you pick up in pee alarm boot camp!

So my final review of the alarm after using it with Ashlyn and Hunter: although it can take a long time to work and it is a bit pricy, (click here to find the bedwetting alarm on Amazon) IT IS SO WORTH IT!  One thing that did surprise Trent and I was that the kids actually started learning to sleep through the night more often than getting up to go the bathroom.  We anticipated that the alarm would simply help them learn to wake before going the bathroom (and they do that on occasion) but more often they are simply sleeping though the night.  So somehow their bodies have learned how to hold it.  I can’t figure out the science of it but hey, a dry night=a happy mom so that is all I am going to focus on!

Although admittedly tempting, we are going to restrain ourselves from passing it on to Quintet just yet.  Although I did just remember that it had crossed my mind to try EC’ing (Elimination Communication) after he was born.  Guess I forgot. . . oh and if you don’t know what EC’ing is, do a google search.  But I will warn you, your eyes just might pop out of your head (just a fair warning).  Have any of you done EC?  If so, leave a comment about it, I would love to hear.

Maybe I will give it a go with our next baby (for those of you occasional readers, you can catch up on that part of our family life here).

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