Gyro success & Pita bread woes

December 15, 2010

Last week I had a craving for gyros.  I decided to make some.  The only thing I really knew was that I needed lamb meat which is a good start but not much of one.  I have never bought lamb meat before.  So I did a little research (I asked my facebook friends) to find out where to buy lamb locally.  I found a place called Tim’s specialty meats in Coeur d’ Alene and bought 2 pounds from the leg of a lamb.  I was pretty excited as I walked out of the meat shop with my neatly wrapped package of lamb.

However, when I got home Trent told me that he had been doing some reading online and it looked like I needed ground lamb.  All my excitement drained out of me like a balloon with a hole.  Not to be fully defeated I said, “Well we will just have to grind it then!  What do we have to grind meat?”  I didn’t really expect an answer but it turns out that we DID have something to grind meat, we just had never used it before.  I had purchased an attachment for my stand mixer that would grind food (originally bought with the plan to use it for applesauce but no matter, I could grind our meat!).  After grinding our lamb and making our gyro meat (a really interesting process might I add) I made tzatziki sauce and using our store bought pita bread we feasted on our gyro sandwiches!  Yummy!  (They looked better than the photo below which was taken with my camera phone).

This week my goal was to conquer the last part of the recipe by making my own whole wheat pitas.  I really wasn’t too worried about it because my pal Kira had totally rocked the process and shared about it on her blog.  Hey, if she can do it, I can do it!  Guess my pride went before my fall because my pitas never poofed and I got no pocket!  Oh well, not to be defeated, I cut my pitas in half and served ‘em up anyway and guess what?  They still tasted good.  In fact they got an 8 out of 10 from Trent (which is practically a grand slam if we are talking Trent ratings).

What about you?  Is there something you have been craving that you have never made at home before?  Share what it, is I would love to hear about it and then come back and let me know once you have conquered it so I can celebrate with you!

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