The Christmas Card Conundrum

December 20, 2010

Receiving Christmas cards is lots of fun.  I especially love the ones that include photos.  However, if I am being completely honest, sending cards out is not always my favorite thing to do.  I enjoy being done with it, but I don’t really enjoy the process of doing it.  I get caught trying to decide how many cards to send, what to include in the cards, when to send them out (yikes, wondering if it is too late to still get there by Christmas), wondering how many will be returned with a now outdated address. . .  And not that our friends and family are not worth it, but the cost of the cards and postage quickly add up too.

This year as I contemplated this Christmas card conundrum, I had an epiphany.  I would send out a Christmas card, but it would be one that would be fun for me to make, fast for me to send and one our family could enjoy for years to come.  Here is the Christmas Card that I created:

Animoto - The End of Slideshows

Once I finished making it, I simply had to create an email list to send it to (I also posted a link to it on my facebook page).  Now next year I am totally set as my email list is all ready to go.  Another great feature is that I can download the video to my computer and save it so that we can enjoy the little “scrapbook” highlights of 2010 for years to come.  I have used Animoto to create several videos this year such as Quinten’s birth, Hunter’s Birthday and some camping trips. Each of them have been not only fun and easy to make but have resulted in a final product that I could never create on my own.  Although you do pay for the service of creating full length video slideshows, they do allow you to create free 30 second video clips that can at the very least give you a feel for how the service works and if it would be something you would enjoy.  If you decide it is something you would like to try, you can click through to the Animoto site here and use this referral code “qkwstghl” to get $5 off your membership.  Then send me a link to the first video you create, I would love to see how it turns out:)!

If the video/sideshow option seems daunting to you, but you would like to try something easy and different this year, you could consider making a Fotobabble card.   This method is as easy as selecting a photo and adding a voice recording which you can then share via email or online (plus the Fotobabble service is totally free).

Or another option is to use a service like Cocodot where you can create a really cute card online and send it digitally (via email or facebook) or via regular mail.  With this service you can send one card to up to 25 people for free to try it out and after that they have rates for sending a single card as well as monthly, yearly or even 2 year memberships.  Cocodot is great not only for cards but for invites as they have RSVP management.  I am a fan of the design and layout of the cards they offer and like the extra touches they include such as stuffing the digital card in a virtual envelope and closing it with a seal (of course you get to pick out the style and colors for all of these).

Now as for what to do with all the wonderful Christmas Cards you get once the holidays are over. . . I found 5 great ideas for repurposing your old Christmas cards that you might enjoy.

So now it is your turn, what about you?  Do you send out Christmas Cards?  Why or why not?  What do you think of the options above (pros/cons)?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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