Getting ready for a newborn (meal idea) by Mom 4 Life Charlotte L.

December 21, 2010

“Knowing that cooking was going to be a chore when I was adjusting with a newborn, we made up freezable meals for 2 weeks worth of dinners and I also went to Costco and purchased some of their pre-made meals and used paper plates and cups and disposable silverware until I was better adjusted to new mommy hood. The dinners turned out amazing and I hardly had to prep at all just turn on the oven and serve!”  Charlotte L., CA

Great idea Charlotte, thanks!

I recently became aware of a website that offers a easy (and free) way to help those who wish to organize meals for others called Take Them A Meal.  I utilized this site when helping to plan meals for a friend who lost a baby and was really impressed by how simple it was.

What was meal time like for you after your baby was born?  Were meals provided by friends and family?  Did you have some set aside?  Was it a stressful part of your day?  Please share!
-Heather L.

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