Good Gifts for Your Children

December 22, 2010

By Angela Gifford (our Customer Service Assistant and blogger at Let’s Talk About Boys)

Our tree decorating time this year was a little disjointed. This is the first time ever we haven’t done the whole tree as a family, but our work schedules just didn’t make it possible. One night I waited up as long as my sleepy head could wait, so that my husband and I could put the lights on the tree together. But I fell asleep on the couch before he got home from his late shift. He kissed me when he came home, but I fell back asleep. Next thing I knew he kissed me again. I opened my eyes and the tree had lights on it! I was so excited!

The boys and I “ornamented” it the next night. To be honest, I’m not sure my artistic, perfectionistic Superman is too disappointed to miss out on the chaos of four boys decorating the bottom half of a tree. But I hate it when life gets this busy. Don’t you?

When I was going through the ornaments, I found a paper magnet that had been given to me years ago by a preschool Sunday School teacher at the bottom of a storage tub. It was a simple reminder of what your little ones really need during the holidays.

The picture is hard to read, but here is what it says:

Good Gifts For Your Children

  • consistent naptimes and bedtimes
  • regular meals and snacks of familiar foods
  • reassurance and comfort during holiday stress
  • time spent with you

This was a very timely reminder for me as my youngest (7) was so worn out today that he slept for two hours around dinner and then went to bed just fine – though complaining he didn’t have enough time with me.

What other things do you think are important for your kids to have in this busy time of year?

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