denial and la-la land

December 28, 2010

If you are like me, you have at least one child still home from school this week.  Life is still in “vacation” mode and your pantry is overflowing with sugar laden snacks and treats.  Bed times are more of a suggested time, PJ’s are worn well into the morning and routines are bent and shaped to fit the lazy day.

Who wants it to end? Not me! I am in denial that there is an end.  I just realized that denial is partly how I get through life with a smile on my face and a positive attitude.  I am the type of person who with each change of Quinten’s diaper, I really, truly somehow think it just might be the last one. . . ever (did I mention he is 18 months old)?  As I clean out my fridge shelves (and don’t worry, it doesn’t happen often) I console myself with the thought that I may never have to do it again (you know, because the fridge fairies will handle it from here on out).

So for the next few days remaining in my la-la land I might just avoid the “real life” responsibilities as much as I can.  This may mean that I blog a bit less and eat a bit more.  (After all, I only gained one pound this last month and I recall gaining at least ten pounds during one month of Quinten’s pregnancy so I really can’t let this pregnancy be shown up by my last one!)

I will be back soon, but if you are treating this week anything like I am I have a sneaking suspicion that you won’t even miss me over the next few days.

Here are some fun posts to keep you busy while I am away:

-Homemade rock candy (you know, in case your pantry isn’t full enough already)

-Homemade ice candle holders – these look amazing (and you thought you were done with fun and festive decorating)!

-Homemade Gingerbread play dough (just because Christmas is over, the smell and fun doesn’t have to end)

The three links above are from my friend Selina’s blog.  Selina is a dear friend of mine and I am loving the creativity that is oozing out of her new blog!  And my friend Kira has just introduced my Mother-In-Law and I to our new favorite cookie.  In case you are a fellow mint chocolate chip lover, beware!

-Andes Mint Cookies (don’t worry, these are worth the extra pounds–at least that is the story I am telling myself!) Also, Kira alerted me that the recipe below is missing 2 eggs so please be sure to add those to your ingredients.  If you click though the link above you can see the correct version:).

In case I am not here to say it in a few days, Happy New Year my friends!

P.S. The silly thing that will happen is as soon as I publish this post, I will have the urge to write another one.  That always happens when I say I am not going to post for a while.  But I mean it, NO NEW POSTS for a few days!  *Sigh*  :)

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