Ashlyn’s Castle Birthday Cake

January 04, 2011

Those are Ashlyn’s three birthday cakes cooling outside on top of our grill.  It looks pretty innocent right? But after our dog came over and was giving it some looks I realized quickly that I better move it to a safer location.  I moved it to the garage and double checked that the door was closed so Wesson (our dog) would not discover it.

After Hunter got home from school and unpacked, had a snack and finished his homework, I went to the garage to get the three cakes to frost.  Upon opening the garage door and only seeing 2 of the 3 cakes on my cooling rack, I realized that Hunter had to come in the garage when he got home from school which means Wesson likely came with him. . . and ate one of the cakes!  Now to be fair, Wesson did only eat 1 cake (miracle #1) and he somehow only ate the smallest of the 3 (miracle #2) so all in all it wasn’t nearly as big of a disaster as it might have been.

However, I did make the cakes from scratch so I was a little more emotionally invested. I tried out this whole grain birthday cake recipe with almond butter frosting.

We continued on constructing the “Castle Cake” minus one layer and Ashlyn was still able to make it look worthy of hosting a Royal Ball.

She is quite the decorator!  I am sure it all comes from being so big. . . when she woke up she was reaching high and showing us all the things she could “now reach” since she was five years old.  Ashlyn was also pretty proud of the flowers her dad gave her for her birthday.

It sure is fun to be FIVE!

P.S. The cakes were pretty good but it is hard to beat the box cakes, they are so darn moist.  I did like knowing what was in them though.  The kids didn’t ask for seconds but I am not so sure that is a bad thing when cake is involved. . . :)

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