Christmas Aftermath

January 06, 2011

As originally posted in 2009

Like most of you, I’ve spent most of this week cleaning up after Christmas! Its like a puzzle. Cleaning out old things, finding places to put the new, rearranging furniture, washing countless piles of bedding and towels, taking down the tree… get the picture.

It got me to thinking….when you read the Christmas story, it ends with Mary and Joseph moving back to Nazareth with little Jesus, after they had fled to Egypt. Next verse: …”when He was twelve years old….”

Now, I don’t know about you, but as a mom, I’m thinking “You skipped ten years!!” Mary and Joseph have just gone through a whirlwind of angel encounters, visiting kings, blessings from prophets, endless travels, and running from the law. It seemed that everyone wanted to see her baby – either to worship him or kill him. Then suddenly…no information. The last mention is settling down. Period.

I wish Mary had written a book. :) Can you imagine what it was like to raise Jesus? Talk about pressure to do everything right. Mary had ten years of in the middle hear of potty training issues, laundry, cooking, and cleaning that we don’t know anything about. It was Christmas aftermath, the mundane parts of life that had to be lived between the exciting parts.

But each day was a day with the Holy. Can you imagine? Oh, when I get to heaven, I can’t wait to talk to Mary.

Our ministry to our children is holy. It is ordained by God. Most days don’t look or feel holy at all….unless you are talking about holey socks or holey jeans. But each little day full of mundane is accomplishing the holy, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.

I’ll be joining you today in the mundane! What is God showing you about the holiness of motherhood? I’d love to hear!

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