Snow painting with food coloring!

January 11, 2011

Two things are guaranteed to make life seem more fun.

1) Grandparents
2) Food Coloring*

Put these two together and you have a fool-proof recipe for a good time.

For Christmas this year, Grandma and Grandpa Ledeboer gave Hunter and Ashlyn a creative “snow toy” which consisted of:

-Squirt bottles
-Food coloring

Simply fill up the squirt bottles, add your desired color and amount of food coloring and then set your Pissaco’s loose in the outdoor wilderness to color their world!  I do suggest that you remind your little artist(s) to focus the squirts on the SNOW and not others and I won’t be held responsible if there are any colorful additions to your child’s snow suits BUT they will have fun!

*Please note that I personally prefer to stay as far away from food coloring IN our food as possible.

(After seeing that Grandma was wearing sunglasses, I had to dig out sunglasses for my kids.  They felt so very stylish matching Grandma!)

As a side note: we discovered that our “yellow” was rather anti-climatic since our dog Wesson had already done some snow painting of his own outside.  (No, you won’t see any yellow snow in the photo below :) ).

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