Victory is sweet! (and so are my graham crackers)

January 12, 2011

I know you have likely been losing sleep over my recent graham cracker failure.  You can stop worrying.  I faced the beast once again today and was victorious!  My secret to “getting it right” this time was:

-Not rolling them out as thin.

-Putting them in one pan at a time.
-Watching them like a hawk to make sure they didn’t overcook (it ended up taking exactly 20 min as promised)!  It is a bummer that you can’t see Quinten very well in the photo because he is wearing my apron.  He was so pleased with how he looked, he just paraded around the house in it all afternoon!

-Everyone loved them, they are going in my “favorites” recipe book!

Now I can mark this recipe off my “to try” list for 2011 and move on to the next items:

-making homemade buttermilk (not the kind that you get when you make butter from cream but the kind you would use for baking).  This is what I found out when I asked Kristen Michaelis (the writer behind the blog, The Food Renegade) what the difference was between the two:

Old-fashioned buttermilk is what you get when you make butter. Cultured buttermilk is what most modern recipes MEAN when they call for “buttermilk.” That’s what my tutorial teaches you how to make. You can culture old-fashioned buttermilk to make cultured buttermilk, too. The process works the same as it does for regular milk.

-making homemade sour cream

(By the way, that blog I mentioned, The Food Renegade, is filled with some really fascinating articles if you enjoy healthy food topics.  I spent an entire evening reading about the benefits of coconut oil, agave nectar–is it good or bad, saturated fat (does it cause heart disease?) and more!)

I will be sure to take you along for the adventures that are sure to ensue with my next two goals!

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