Boy or Girl? Drumroll please. . .

January 23, 2011

What a weekend it was!  Trent returned home from his two week short term mission trip to Mexico.  It was SO GREAT to see him again.  What appreciation comes from being apart.  It reminded me once again how blessed I am to have him home so much and for those of you military families, wow, I am so amazed by your continual sacrifice!

Unfortunately, we had a rather long stay at the airport. The kids and I had been awaiting Trent’s call to say he was ready from the cell phone parking lot waiting area. When he called and I backed up the van, I could tell something was wrong with the car wheels.  I got out and checked them and they looked fine so again, I tried to back up.  Once again, they behaved unnormally and I got out and checked them.  I couldn’t find anything wrong (you know, by looking and seeing that they were not flat and still attached to the car) so I got in and put it in reverse.  After I had driven a few feet I had to stop.  This time when I got out to check the wheels I noticed that one front tire was pointing in one direction and the other tire was pointed in the opposite direction!  Now I am no expert but I was pretty certain this was a bad sign.  Thankfully a shuttle van pulled to a stop next to me to see if I needed help and the driver was willing to go get Trent and bring him over to us.  After some close examination (by Trent) and a call to our neighbor (who is also a mechanic) we determined that the problem was bigger than we could solve.  A tow truck pulled our van home while we waited in the lobby of a hotel to be recused by a friend who drove us home.  It was one of those times that it was kind of a bummer to live about 90 min from the airport.  We finally arrived home at about 10:00PM with some very tired children.  Needless to say, we are all very grateful that God protected us from greater harm that could have come should the car trouble have happened while we were driving!

Next up was the opening of “the envelope“!  It was so late by the time we got home from the airport that the kids went right to bed.  However, Trent and I could wait no longer so together we opened up the envelope and started scanning the ultrasound photo looking for the word “boy” or “girl.”  It was the grown up version of the hidden pictures that used to be in my Highlights magazine as a kid–I loved those!  Trent spotted it first and pointed to the clearly typed word “girl.”  A GIRL!  It was like a Christmas present wrapped up in four letters.  Such an exciting joy to welcome a new sister for our kids into our family.  In the morning when the kids came crawling into bed with us, we shared the news and they started talking to their little sister in my belly and were very excited.

I just realized three things from this photo that we just took.  1) I slouch when I stand, blah!  2) my back-side and front-side are balancing each other out for the time being, I hope my front-side wins out by the end of my pregnancy :) ! 3)  I am not wearing my wedding ring :) .  I was trying my hand at making some homemade tortillas for dinner tonight (you know, because I am sure my husband wants to come home from Mexico and eat more Mexican food, from his wife that has never cooked tortillas before!) and took it off while I was working with the dough.  They were really easy to make but had a taste that resembled pie crust more than authentic tortillas.  Do any of you have a recipe to share?  I would like to try them again with a different recipe.  I am pretty thrilled however to report that according to my husband, the crock-pot refried beans that I made tasted “authentic.”  Does anyone want the recipe?  UPDATE: the Refried Beans recipe will post on Thursday of this week!

Many of you have shared that you are praying for us and this baby.  I can’t thank you enough for that.  I also know that there are several of you who are also pregnant and sharing this journey along side me.  I pray your pregnancy is going well too.

P.S. How are your morning routines going?  I will soon be sharing some of my daytime routines :) .

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