A “love”ly breakfast: egg in the heart

February 08, 2011

Breakfast has not traditionally been a meal that I paid much attention to.  Cereal and I got along just fine and I saw no reason to change the relationship.  However, just lately I have been having fun trying some new things in the early morning. Below was one that Hunter requested and I thought I would share it with Valentines Day coming up just around the corner!

Egg in the Heart

-1 egg
-1 slice of bread

1) Cut out a heart shape in the middle of your slice of bread.

2) Butter the side that will be down on the pan.

3) Place your bread in the pan (medium heat).

4) Crack the egg into the heart shape hole and spread the white out on the top side of the bread.

5) Flip the bread once the underside is toasty brown looking.

6) Your bread is done when the egg yolk is cooked to the degree that you desire.


Coming soon: I learned how to make my own cultured buttermilk!  I can’t wait to show you how. . .

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