Steering Wheel Lists

March 01, 2011

Each morning I drive Hunter to school.  The drive takes about 30 minutes.  Although it is not ideal to have to drive so far, we have discovered many useful things that can be done during our drive time, one of which is homework.  Each week Hunter’s teacher sends home a newsletter with his weekly spelling words and memory verse printed out in the same place and size.  Recently, I found a simple yet very helpful tool for keeping this list close at hand while also keeping both hands on the wheel*.

-Using this size of his weekly list as a template, I took a UPS label protector sleeve and cut it to size. (You could also use a USPS customs form sleeve–free for the taking at the Post Office, or a ZipLock bag)

-Then I taped this “pocket” to the center of my steering wheel using packaging tape (although I am sure other forms of tape would also work) being sure to leave the top section open to allow me to slip in and out each weekly list.

-With my pocket in place, I can easily update the lists each week and refer to them as we travel.

*Please note that I am not advocating that you look away from the road while driving.  However, most of us have points in our route in which we are simply waiting in traffic (on a backed up freeway, at stop signs, traffic lights, etc).  Using that time to read over your list is of course most ideal and safe!  My particular weekly list can be glanced at in the same time that it takes to check my driving speed.

How about you?  Have any handy tips to share on how you get homework done with your kids?

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