One Step to a Smoother Morning

March 08, 2011

For weeks, I was getting up earlier and earlier in the morning.  For some reason, I couldn’t get my children out the door until the first bell at the school was already ringing.  No matter how early I got up to start the day, it made no difference.

Then, I noticed something.  There was a great, big time suck.  Every morning, I had to pull out the clothes for our school age child.  The time it took to find the clothes and him dawdling to get dressed could take a significant chunk of time.  And then we had an idea: lay out his clothes the night before.  The idea was so simple it was startling.  Every night, I lay out his clothes on the end of his bed.  Now he gets dressed first thing.  And, since he wakes up naturally a few minutes before my alarm goes off, the faster he gets dressed, the more playtime he has before I emerge from my room.  That one little step has made all the difference!  Sometimes I find that he has even put his shoes on!  All that needs to be done then is for the kids to eat breakfast while I make the lunches and then we are out the door with time to spare.  If you have trouble getting the kids off to school on time, do try laying out their clothes (and yours!) the night before and see if it makes a difference.

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