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March 11, 2011

Rain or Shine Kids All-Weather WooBeeBlankets

Retail Price: $40.00-$64.00, on sale for $36.00-$57.60

Congratulations to Vicci and Heather for winning a Rain or Shine Kids All-Weather WooBee Blanket in the style of their choice. All Rain or Shine Kids All-Weather WooBee Blankets will by 10% off this week (through Thursday night).

Babybonkie Swaddler

Marked down from $60.00 to $41.20

Prenatal Cradle

Marked down from $55.00 to $35.00

The Belly Hugger Nursing Cover

Marked down from $18.00 to $12.99

HipSlimmer Post-pregnancy Compression Corset

Retail Value: $64.00

One lucky winner will win a HipSlimmer Post-pregnancy Compression Corset in the size of her choice!

HipSlimmer™ is a post-pregnancy compression corset designed to help you return to your pre-pregnancy size. Hormones released during pregnancy cause your hips to expand for childbirth. These hormones remain elevated after delivery leaving the joints of your hips malleable. HipSlimmer™, when worn after pregnancy, applies pressure directly to your hips and may help your hips return to their pre-pregnancy size. HipSlimmer™  is the only post-pregnancy “hip-slimming” compression corset available.

How the HipSlimmer™ Works

* The Problem
Many women complain their hips are wider after pregnancy. Even once they return to their pre-pregnancy weight, they are still unable to fit into their jeans worn before pregnancy. This is no surprise since your body changes during pregnancy.

* Changes During Pregnancy

Your pelvis is a unique system of bones and ligaments that shift and adapt as your baby grows. The pelvis is composed of four main bones. The symphysis pubis, a cartilage pad, holds together the two large hip bones in the front. The sacroiliac joints are found near the bottom of the back and form the joints between the sacrum and ilia of the pelvis. They make up the rear portion of the pelvic girdle.

During pregnancy, female hormones such as relaxin and progesterone are released. Relaxin, as its name applies, causes the body’s connective tissue and joints to relax and loosen. In particular, the symphisis pubis and the sacroiliac joints widen which allows your pelvis to accommodate the enlarging uterus and eventual passage of your baby. These hormones do not return to their pre-pregnancy levels until after delivery, leaving your hips malleable. Many women complain that this widening leaves a lasting effect on their hips.

* The Solution
Your ligaments and joints associated with your hips and pelvis are maximally relaxed in or around the time of pregnancy. By capitalizing on this normal change associated with child bearing, HipSlimmer™ is used after pregnancy to apply pressure directly to your hips and may aid in return to their pre-pregnancy size.

*Disclaimer: This site does not provide medical advice.

How Do You Win?

“Share Your Thoughts” here by telling us why you’d like to get back down to your pre-pregnancy size!

You have until Tuesday night, March 15th, to enter.

Good luck!

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