Golden Egg Hunt – Win a City Hopper Gift Set!

April 05, 2011

Today, Tuesday, April 5th, you can win a

Burp-A-Lot Gift Set by City Hopper

Retail Value: $19.50 – marked down to $15.60

20% off today only

(If you buy today and then win the prize, you will be refunded for your purchase.)

To enter to win, you must find the golden egg hidden on our site.

Then copy the URL of the page you found it on

(For example, look in the search bar above. The URL of this page is…opper-gift-set/)

Then click on the golden egg you found, to fill out the entry form. You will need to paste the page URL on that form.

Today’s Clue:

If you want to win the a City Hopper Gift Set,

find something that will make your child cozy when wet.

Don’t think rabbits and pigs and flowers

but birds and planes and super powers!

Contest details can be found on our promotion page.

Good luck!

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