My unexpected trip to Labor & Delivery

April 11, 2011

My “office furniture” changed a little this weekend.  Remember how I mentioned that a few weeks ago I had some spotting?  This last Saturday my bleeding returned and my doctor recommended that I go directly to Labor & Delivery and be checked out.

They monitored the baby and felt that all looked very good there.  Then they did an ultrasound (reconfirmed that it was a boy :) ) and discovered what appeared to be a 1.3 cm separation between my placenta and the uterus.  The doctor was concerned by this.  He put me on bed rest and recommended that I stay in the hospital for at minimum of a few days (or possibly of the remainder of my pregnancy) to monitor my bleeding and keep an eye on the baby.  After a few days they would re-assess and determine if I should continue my bed rest at the hospital or from home.

What a change it was to go from being a busy mom at home to laying in bed in a quiet hospital room with nurses to wait on me hand and foot!  What a blessing it was to watch my husband step up to the challenge of keeping everything running smoothly at home with a cheerful attitude: priceless!

This morning I had a follow up ultrasound and the technician determined that the area of concern had not gotten worse and in fact perhaps it was actually only a Venus Lake (which is a collection of slow moving or pooled blood between the placenta and the uterus wall).  I had never heard of this term before, but apparently it is not nearly as much of a concern as a separation between the placenta and the uterus.  By this time my bleeding had also stopped, therefore the doctor felt comfortable sending me home to continue my bed rest with a follow up appointment at the end of the week.

So as I type these words, I am sitting on my own couch by my own wood fire enjoying the quiet of my own house.  I am reminding myself that God is in control.  I am choosing to place my trust in Him and I am finding much to be thankful for:

-Friends and family that care when you need help and reach out to let you know.
-Pillows from home that help make any bed more comfortable.
-Nurses who offer their care with compassion and grace.
-A husband who is willing and able to step up and be the “single parent” while I admire him from the couch.
-A 7 year old son who wants to know how I slept in the hospital and if I had any bad dreams.
-A 5 year old daughter who wants to know if my “little tear inside” hurts.
-A 22 month old who can’t get enough of mommy’s kisses.
-A son in heaven who taught me to look for the roses among the thorns.
-A baby boy alive and well in my womb. :)

This is my fifth pregnancy, but my first time on bed rest.  I bet some of you have some experience you can share!  Tell me your bed rest stories!

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