How to make your own “cream of _____ soup”

April 21, 2011

Have you ever taken the time to read the ingredients on the back of your “cream of whatever soups”?  The last time I did, I walked out of the grocery store without “soup” crossed off my list.  Unfortunately, avoiding some unhealthy food choices doesn’t offer a very good option unless you are able to discover a better alternative.  Thankfully Kendra from The Queen of Brussel Sprouts blog was willing to share her homemade alternative that allows you to create your own “cream of _____ soups”.  Here is how you can make it at home:

  • 1/2 cup of (mushrooms, celery, onion, chicken*. . .)
  • 2 T extra virgin olive oil or butter
  • 2 T flour
  • 2 c milk
  • salt and pepper to taste
    *for Cream of chicken use 1 cup milk and 1 cup chicken broth

Saute about 1/2 cup of whatever veggie you want (mushrooms, celery, onion…) in your “cream of” in a sauce pan with about 2 T extra virgin olive oil, or butter, or canola oil, or a combo thereof (your choice). When the veggies are soft, add in 2 T of flour. Saute for just a minute or so, until the flour is absorbed by all the oil. Slowly whisk in about 2 cups of milk. You can use whichever percentage you want (whole milk will yield a creamier “soup”). Add in salt and pepper to taste. If you want cream of chicken, then use 1 cup milk and 1 cup chicken broth/stock.

I have used this recipe several times now and we not tell the difference!  Thanks again Kendra :) !

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