Be still my beating heart: Pinterest

April 27, 2011

My friend Kira recently introduced me to a website that I LOVE!  Have you heard of Pinterest?  It is like the marriage of Evernote and Facebook with a little Flickr thrown in for good measure.  Or another way to describe it is an eye pleasing, super easy to use, share and find, idea garden for crafts, projects, tutorials and more. (Oh ya it is free too:) ).

You start by creating “boards” categorized in whatever way you want (i.e. things to make, crafts for kids, ideas for my kitchen) and then you search around the Pinterest website, find things that inspire you and “pin” them to your boards.  As you do, your boards fill up with a ton of great ideas (organized by simple icon images of the ideas which hyperlink to the original place the idea was taken from).

This is also great if you are reading a blog and are inspired by a great product.  By using the downloadable browser web clipper you can “pin” it to your preferred board with just the click of the button (without leaving the page you are on) and instantly save the project in your Pinterest account for later reference.  Below is a screen shot image of my boards.  Each little icon picture represents a project, idea or piece of inspiration that I wanted to categorize and save.

What’s more is that you can find others on the Pinterest site whose taste is similar to yours and you can follow them (which means you can easily see the new projects and ideas they pin to their boards).  As they find fun new things, you can “repin” them to your boards and so on.

By now your eyes are either glazing over or they are sparkling with delight so I will leave it at that and invite you to go check out the magic and don’t say I didn’t warn you: you will be inspired!

P.S. It is easiest to be “invited” by someone who already has an account so if you want an invitation feel free to leave a comment here and I will be happy to invite you to come join the fun!

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