Diary of a bed resting mom & a fun giveaway

May 07, 2011

Life on bedrest is a little bit of a change for me.  I wanted to share some recent highlights from my time on the couch:

Making funny faces with Ashlyn.

I know she is better than me but I am out of practice, give me time I will improve.

Watching Quinten unravel the toilet paper roll.

Having the time to do Ashlyn’s hair, again and again and again.

Attending a tea party complete with folded napkins.

Reading library books to Ashlyn.

Watching Ashlyn borrow my camera phone to capture all that is important and interesting to her which of course includes her finger, toe, doll and shoe.

Not noticing as she takes a very unflattering photo of me as I talk to my mom who is baking bread in the kitchen for our family.

Also not noticing this fun little situation that was apparently going on in the kitchen.  I never did know about it until I viewed the images on my phone today!

And of course more funny faces, see I am getting better, right?

As I sit on the couch, I could easily dwell on all that is going on around me that I am “missing out on.”  Yet instead, I am compelled to reflect on the lessons I have learned though the the loss of our son Sawyer three years ago.  I have learned that life is fleeting, that today is precious and that I am not in control.  As I choose to relinquish my control yet again, I find that I am better able to take in the preciousness of my surroundings and marvel at the life brewing within me.  As Mother’s Day draws near, my hope for you is that you can find yourself in a place of appreciation and gratitude for whatever surroundings you are currently in.

As an early Mother’s day gift to you, lets do a giveaway.  I have three copies of The Pregnancy Companion book to offer.  This book’s subtitle “A faith filled guide for your journey to motherhood” is an accurate reflection of the unique content found in this encouraging and informative pregnancy guide.  I have throughly enjoyed reading the factual yet faith filled chapters of this book as I have progressed though my pregnancy.  If you are pregnant, know someone who is, or think you might know someone who is pregnant some day ;) I would love for you to enter to win one of the three copies I have to give away.

To enter: simply share one snapshot moment of your week that caused you to pause and appreciate.  The three winners will be randomly chosen on the evening of Mother’s day and announced right here–good luck!

The three randomly chosen winners: Carrie, Leni and Jenny! Congratulations ladies, I will be in touch with you to get your mailing addresses. I really enjoyed reading all of your comments and feedback on the snapshots from your week, thanks for sharing!

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