Silicone covers for your kid’s glass drinking cups

May 09, 2011

Don’t you love when you find out a second use for a product you already own?  This happened to me when I was looking over our Siliskins Silicone Glass Bottle Covers.

My kids are too old to use bottles, BUT they do use cups.  I often use small glass jars for drinking cups for the kids.  I have a few pint sized jars (they hold 2 cups) as well as smaller jam jars (they hold 1 cup).  I prefer these to plastic cups in order to avoid any yucky chemicals leaching into their drinks.  However, glass can be slippery in little hands. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to help their hands grip their cups more securely?  Wouldn’t it be nice if the glass could be just a little more protected should it slip out of their hands?  Yes it would!

Here is how:

1) Simply take a Siliskin Silicone cover and fold it down as shown in the photo below.
2) Then, work your cup into the bottom of the cover and roll up the sides (I found that it is easiest if you first wet your cup and the inside of the silicone).

It may feel quite snug but they stretch well.  For example, the two smaller cups in the image below with the blue covers are shaped totally different (they both hold 1 cup of liquid).  However, the same small size silicone cover is used on both.

For reference, in the photo above, the taller glass is a pint sized jar (which holds 2 cups of liquid).  The Siliskin cover used on this size is the Wideneck Large.  The smaller “jam jar” cups (which hold 1 cup of liquid) work with the Wideneck Small Siliskin cover.  Our Siliskins silicone covers are currently on sale and when they are gone, they are gone so grab yours now :) !

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