Hands down: the perfect gift for NICU babies & more!

May 16, 2011

Last year a friend of mine delivered early and her little girl spent several weeks in the NICU.  We don’t live near each other so I felt helpless to be able to do something to show how much I cared.  Then I remembered The Zaky hands that we offer on Mom 4 Life and together with a few friends we sent two Zaky’s to enfold and embrace the little bundle of joy in her incubator.  When my friend sent me this photo below, I couldn’t help but smile.  Isn’t it simply precious the way her hand is wrapping around the Zaky finger?

The Zaky is a soft but weighed pillow, partially filled that conforms to the baby’s body. It imitates the look, feel, weight, scent, and warmth of the parents’ hand and forearm. It assures proper positioning, helps with pain management and sleep, provides a sense of protection, and assists with the physical and psychological development of the child.

And it’s not just for babies in the NICU, infants and small children can benefit from this unique product as well.  The story of how The Zaky came to be is a both touching and tear producing.  It involves a tropical storm, a 155 day stay in NICU and promise made to God.  I invite you read more about the story of mom inventor Yamile and her son in this interview.

I also invite you to consider The Zaky as a unique gift the next time you are invited to a baby shower or when you hear of a baby being admitted to the NICU.  I have a feeling that your gift will be remembered and treasured :) !

Back in 2008 we gave away The Zaky as a Friday giveaway.  The winning mom wrote us back after she received her Zaky with a testimonial and a photo.  Here is what she shared.

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