Button monogram craft: DIY

June 06, 2011

In a previous post I gushed about how much I have enjoyed using the website Pinterest.  I want to show you a project I recently completed that was fully inspired by a Pinterest find which I had tucked away in my “to make for the home” board.  The project was not only fun, but proved to be a lovely addition to the mantle above our fireplace (just don’t look too close because I see that one button has apparently gone rogue).

Want to make one of your own? Here’s how:

1) Print off the letter you wish to use for your monogram from your computer in the font and size of your choice.

2) Cut the letter out and discard.

3) Place your letter stencil over the fabric you wish to glue your bottons on.

4) Arrange your bottons to your liking inside the border of your stencil.

5) Remove the stencil and hot glue the buttons in place.

6) Allow the glue to dry and frame.  I used a frame I already had on hand and simply removed the glass from the front.

Aside from being a fun craft for your home, I think this would also make a really lovely wedding gift to a new couple.  Or if you use colorful buttons, fabric and frame, it would be a really cute baby shower gift!

What other creative ideas can you think of for this project?

*Please note that the original Pinterest link for this button monogram project no longer takes me to the actual tutorial otherwise I would have linked directly to it.  However, the website from which the project was found is the Better Homes and Gardens do it yourself blog.

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