Tanner Chase is here!

June 16, 2011

I am so sorry. . .

It just occurred to me that while I have been enjoying our sweet little arrival, I have totally neglected to update you on his arrival!  Well for those of you who maybe didn’t have a chance to see the news on our facebook fan page . . .

Tanner Chase Ledeboer has arrived!

He was born on June 1 at 10:20PM and weighed 7 pounds 1o oz and was 19 inches long.

As for the name:

Tanner is simply a name that Trent and I both really liked (we went right up to the wire on this one as we couldn’t agree on a name, finally 2 weeks before I delivered we both fell in love with the name Tanner).

Chase is a family name.

Tanner has proven to be quite the “keeper”.  He latched on at first breastfeeding attempt after delivery and was back up to birth weight within days of delivery.  He sleeps well and only wakes up a few times at night to feed.  He has a head full of hair and is just as beautiful as baby boys are legally allowed to be.  His older siblings are so in love and oh so kind to him.  Even Quinten (who is 2 years old today!) is so gentle around him.

I have more photos that you can view here and soon I will have some fun family photo shoot pictures to share!

Thank you so much for the prayers that were offered during my pregnancy and delivery, it means more to me than you realize!

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