Happy Father’s Day to the man in our home

June 19, 2011

We are terribly blessed to have a great father in our home.  I interviewed our kids to ask them some questions about their dad and learned a few new things.  First of all, Hunter informed me that his dad’s favorite food is Broccoli and Cauliflower.  The only thing that shocked me more than that was how he followed up by saying how much he also enjoyed those foods, who knew!  Ashlyn explained that the way she knows her dad loves her is that he disciplines her, wow, what wisdom from someone so small:)!  Here is the video interview.

And here is an Animoto video that I created from snapshots taken over the last seven years as I have had the privilege of watching my husband develop into an amazing father. I hope you will enjoy this snapshot Father’s Day video!

Still looking for something to give your man for Father’s Day?  Perhaps you will enjoy some of the ideas presented in this blog post I wrote last year titled “Let’s Give Honor for Father’s Day“.

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