C-Section Recovery – Tips for Recovering Quicker & Easier (part 2)

July 13, 2011

Thank you to Elizabeth McGee (who is the author of the Worry Free C-Section Recovery guide and C-Section recovery blog) for her guest post on the topic of C-Section recovery.  This is part 2 of a 2 part post on this topic.  Part 1 was covered this last Monday.

Recovering from a C-Section can be tough, although there are women will tell you that recovering from their c-section was fairly easy.

Having had c-sections myself and studied women who have had both difficult and easy recoveries, there are a few things I’ve discovered that can help women recover quicker and easier.

They are:

•           Being Prepared

•           Maintaining a positive attitude

•           Maintaining Good Health & Fitness

•           Keeping communications open with family members and your doctor

The first two areas were covered in my last post.  I would now like to focus on the last two.

Maintain Good Health & Fitness

There are lots of things that happen to your body when you become pregnant.  Hormone levels change, eating habits can change and even your mental outlook can change.  For all these reasons it’s important to adopt and maintain good eating and exercise habits.

Of course this is not a time to think about weight loss diets or starting a strict exercise program if that’s not something you normally do but moderate daily exercise like walking or muscle toning is a good thing.

Eating a healthy diet fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and avoiding heavy desserts will give you and your baby the essential nutrients you both need without gaining too much weight that can be unhealthy.

Keeping Communications Open with Family Members and Your Doctor

Keeping up good communications can release stresses and tension.  Not letting go of those things can cause muscle tension and hormonal responses and that can have a negative effect on your overall health and healing.

But as you begin to express your feelings you can heal the tension and learn to relax and find peace.

Don’t get into the habit of holding your feelings inside.  If you are feeling sad or angry, talk with your spouse, get it out in the open.  If you are having pain or concerns with your health, speak to your doctor.

Maintain good communications will make a big difference in your attitude and how quickly you recover.

If it’s difficult for you to communicate verbally, use a journal. This method can help release sources of tension; it’s also a way to help you realize that you may be putting burdens on yourself that are unnecessary.

Elizabeth McGee is the author of the Worry Free C-Section Recovery guide and C-Section recovery blog.  Having had struggles with her own C-Section surgeries and painful recoveries, Elizabeth has dedicated the last ten years to researching and finding ways to help other women have a positive C-Section experience and recover quicker with less pain and anxiety.

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