Breastfeeding fashions, burp cloth blunders & black fly encounters

August 10, 2011

After visiting Minnesota last month, I was reminded how thankful I am that we don’t have to deal with insects in Idaho, at least not nearly to the same degree.  However, all it took was a look through some of the photos from this past June to remind me of a bug encounter in my own backyard that could make even some seasoned Minnesotans shake their head.  I was attached by . . . Minnesota Black Flies, in Idaho!  The nerve of those little flies attacking on broad daylight and they go right for your head and neck.  You can’t feel them bite and they inject some sort of blood thinner so suddenly you are dripping blood, trust me, it isn’t pretty.  Want to see what my neck looked like?

And man did they itch.  I could only imagine what kind of strange disease people surely thought I had.  It isn’t practical to wear a turtle neck in June, but I did consider it.

I am getting used to looking frumpy.  This is a common look for me lately:

I trust that other breastfeeding moms can relate.

Here is another nice look that I am perfecting.  It reminded me of the reason the BurpCatcher was invented—smart mom that invented that one.

I have some more lovely fashion tid-bits to share but I will save that for another time.  Please feel free to share some stories of your own so I don’t feel so bad ;) !

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