Birthday Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

August 15, 2011

Hunter turned 8th this month.  I decided to try something new for his “cake” this year by baking the cake mix in ice cream cones.  It was super easy and made for a fun treat that the kids all enjoyed (and there was no clean up after they ate them outside)!

To make them simply mix up any box mix (I tried a healthy homemade cake for Ashlyn in January and decided I was ready for easy this time around:) ) and then fill ice cream cones about 2/3 the way full and bake for about 20 min at 350 or until a toothpick comes out clean.  Let them fully cool and then top as desired!

(See the full little parasol poking out of one cone?  That is Ashlyn’s cone.  The parasol is actually left over from a fun little summer wreath I recently made.  I will try to share it with you soon!)

And yes I am aware that despite the fact that this was HUNTER’S birthday party I don’t have any photos of him to share.  This is not an oversight, I just realized all the photos with him also had other party guests and since I didn’t ask the parents if their child’s photo could be shared online I thought I better not;).  He was there though, the proof is resting next to Ashlyn’s cone above. . . can any other moms of boys identify those Lego pieces? :)

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