Top 4 Nursing Tops: my picks

August 23, 2011

Three weeks after Tanner was born our family was in town running errands.  Dinnertime approached so we decided to stop and eat at a new restaurant in town called Wing Stop.  I am not sure why, but it seems that the majority of wing eaters are men as Ashlyn and I were the only female customers present.  Naturally, Tanner got hungry as we sat down to eat (he is SO good at timing that) so I quickly scanned the small eatery for a “private” corner in which to nurse.  As I sat with my back toward the rest of the restaurant as well as its customers, I felt comfortable to nurse freely.  In fact I really didn’t concern myself to cover up beyond what would seem practical.  That is until Tanner got a nice solid latch and my eyes wandered past the football game playing on the mounted TV screen and over to the security camera pointed directly at my exposed self!

In that moment my mind flashed to recall Jodie’s story who had a very similar experience motivate her to invent the Skinies nursing top and I had to giggle knowing I am not alone in creating an unintended peep show.

However, it is situations like this that make me incredibly thankful that moms have created products to simplify discreet nursing.  With four children, it is no longer practical to find a private place to nurse, instead I feel successful if I can find a place to sit.  Wearing a nursing top at least keeps my post-partum midsection covered while I wrangle my shirt, nursing pads, my leaking milk and my older kids into submission as I breastfeed.

Here are my favorites:

Glamourmom long tanks:

Pros: The long length of this tank is fantastic and I was even able to wear it throughout my pregnancy.  Although I typically use my to layer, it can be worn alone.

Cons: I find that the inside circle nursing holes can be somewhat noticeable through the outer layer (especially on lighter colors) and some moms have mentioned that the holes do not align ideally with their breast.

Undercover Mama:

Pros: I can convert my favorite nursing bra into a tank top with this creative and comfortable invention allowing versatility in my wardrobe while allowing good support.  The long length of this top also worked throughout my pregnancy.

Cons: It is limited to use as a layering top as your bra straps are fully exposed.  Breast coverage while nursing may be less than with the Glamourmom or Skinies due to the fact that it folds down in the same way that your chosen nursing bra does.

You can see my YouTube Undercover Mama review video here.


Pros: Any nursing bra can be worn with this nursing cami.  Cutout holes lay flush against your breast which allows you to layer without concern.  Material is stretchy yet supportive providing a slight “holding in” to your post partum tummy.

Cons: Length is slightly less than that of the Glamourmom long tank or Undercover Mama (which may or may not be a con for others).  If your bra color contrasts with the color of your Skinies, it may be visible if worn under a light colored top.

Blush t-shirt extender:

Pros: Effectively covers your belly.  The length can be customized since the top is not attached to anything.  Less fabric=less bulk when layering.  Fabric is stretchy and can work for pregnancy as well.

Cons: Coverage is limited to the torso only.  Limited to layering use only.

You can see my YouTube Blush t-shirt extender review video here.

What about you? Have a favorite? I would love to hear about it!

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