Messy hair, small underwear & cheap skirts

August 24, 2011

Since it is summer I haven’t (thankfully) had too many mornings that have required that I be out the door with all four kids.  A few weeks ago however I took Hunter and Ashlyn to Vacation Bible School.  I decided to simplify things by not doing my hair.  No worries though, I did do it on Sunday so I was already set to go on Monday.  It was one of those styles where I make two ponytails and then twist them up into little buns on either side of my head.  It looked pretty good on day one, by day two I thought it might even look a little better—more relaxed and messy (you know the good kind of messy).  On day three I think it hit its peak, it looked awesome.  Day four was a bit of a stretch and I wondered if I might have silently crossed a hygiene barrier.  On day five I took out my little buns and discovered lovely curls and waves waiting for me!  Want to see what it looked like?  Here is a WubbaNub video review I shot on day four:

While my kids were at VBS I used the opportunity to go shopping for school supplies with only two kids in toe.  While shopping, I picked up a pack of underwear for Hunter.  He just turned eight and I figured it was time he had some new skivvies.  The fact that all the rest of his underwear are 4T might have had something to do with that.

While shopping for Hunter’s underpants I passed a table that had girls skirts for $1.  Knowing how much Ashlyn loves dresses and skirts I slowed and pondered. “Only $1, do I buy one of each color?  No, that seems excessive, just one or two should be fine.”  After picking out two skirts and feeling very pleased with my find I headed for the checkout line.  The next day when I was once again in this store (because the socks I bought for Hunter were too small and the pants I purchased for him were too big) I noticed that the $1 skirts had been marked up to $2!  “What, $2?  There is no way I am buying anymore now!”  Now tell me, that is a little bit of frugal snobbery isn’t it? :)

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