A song for aching hearts

September 01, 2011

Moms are amazing.  Of course you probably know that, I hope you do anyway.  I am reminded of the blessing of motherhood on a regular basis in multiple ways.  My least favorite of which is through stories of tragedy and loss.

Last week I learned that a close friend of Angela’s (our customer service assistant) had a three month old baby die of SIDS.  The day before that, I came across the story of a musician from Vancouver named Christa who was faced with the death of two sons.  Her music has become a tool in which she has been able to process her grief and reach out to other mothers who have experienced the same sorrow and loss and has dedicated her music to these kindred spirits.  After our son Sawyer died (at 37 weeks in-utero) I often wished that I could write a song to express the complex emotions I was facing.  There is something special about music.  It can dig deeper than words alone can do.

Christa was nominated for “Best Female Artist” at the 2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards and won a price for “Best Folk Acoustic Album”.  I would like to share a link where you can download her song “A grief as this” for free.  Click here for the download link.

Sending a hug to any moms facing a loss that is too great for words. . .

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