The Zaky: a mom’s feedback

September 07, 2011

We received some wonderful feedback (and an adorable photo) recently about The Zaky hands by Nurtured by Designs that was too great not to share.  Below is what she said:

After our daughter was born at 28 weeks, a group of friends sent us the Zaky hands. They are wonderful! I actually call them magic hands because they are so convenient.

Unlike rolled blankets, the filling molds to her body to keep her feeling snug, without making her too hot or cold. Having them slightly weighed works great when we need a hand keeping her pipe in place or from wiggling out of blankets.

We wash them once a week (the material has held up fabulously), and I am always bummed on that day because ‘nesting’ is so much easier with them. The Zaky hands have definitely been the most talked about gift in her pod of babies; every nurse comments on how smart they are. Interesting tidbit- the hospital actually tested out these hands earlier this year and loved them. Thing is, stuff tends to go missing quite a bit so they decided against it. They really are so much nicer than trying to nest with blankets. I cannot say enough about them! :-)

I can also see a million uses for them once we get home- car seat positioning, positioning in the stroller, tummy time.  Thanks for the great product!

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