sore backs and dark closets

September 13, 2011

I wake up sore in the morning.  I think I am starting to get old.  My parents talk about this (and my grandparents).  Now it is my turn.  I have decided that waking up sore is not an issue for children.  Check out this picture of Quinten sleeping.  He is laying with a large lump of a stuffed animal under his back but looks like he is experiencing heavenly sleep.

What’s that?  It looks like he is in a Pack-N-Play?  He is.  And what? Seems like he is in a closet?  He is.  This is what happens when you have more than a few children and you need a quiet place for them to sleep–they get the closet.  No worries though, he likes it.  I like it too except for when I wake up (sore) in the morning and remember (again) that I can’t get in my closet to get dressed.  People must wonder why I wear the same outfit more than one day in a row so often.  Well people, here is your answer: I stand outside my closet door wondering how it is possible that once again I have not set out clothes to wear the night before and weighing if it is worth waking Quinten up early for a new change of clothes (hint: I am wearing yesterday’s outfit right now).

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