Easy, adorable, eatable, fall acorns

September 28, 2011

Today I want to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine.  She is one of those people that just overflows with fun creative ideas and has a great eye for design.  We were visiting last week and I asked if she would be willing to write a guest post so that she could share a fun fall edible craft with you and she said yes!  Welcome my sweet Selina! ~Heather

Hello Mom4Life readers!

I am very excited to be guest posting for Heather. Heather and I have been friends for 4 years. I actually met her through ordering a product from her website and when I saw there was tax added on my item I looked up the location of her “store” and it was just down the street! It’s a small world after all. Smile

Anyway, I’m Selina from Creative Juices Décor.

What you will find on my blog is lots of inspiration for all your Creative Juices! I am an interior designer by degree and LOVE home design/decorating, thrift store shopping, healthy recipes and crafting. I have 3 young kids so I also have fun crafts for them too.

Today’s craft is EASY and so much fun.  (really, my kids made these, I just took the pictures!)

blog acorn cjd
(found from the Disney family fun website)

What you’ll need is:

* Hershey Kisses

* Mini Vanilla Wafers

* pretzel stick,butterscotch chip, or caramel bits.

* brown icing

Simply use a dab of brown icing to attach the vanilla wafer and then another dab to attach the stem which can be the pretzel piece, butterscotch chip or caramel bit!

Let them sit for 20 minutes so that the frosting can harden.

Tada!  Look whatcha got. A bunch of adorable eatable fall acorns Smile

blog acorns1

I am going to make a little fall gift basket for the kids teachers with a candle, a small decorative pumpkin and a baggie of these treats.  It would be a very fun fall snack to hand out to classmates too.

blog Acorns
Thank you Heather for inviting me over!

Come stop by, I have a fun pottery barn knockoff and a old map turned art piece you guys might like.

Till Next Time!   ~CreativeJuicesDecor~

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